Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yellow Laphing Attempt 1: Total Failure

Dear Readers (Yes, all four of you.) I have failed you, and I am sorry.

Last night and this morning, I attempted to make Yellow laphing. I bravely worked late into the night and woke up bright and early, excited to make and eat yellow laphing all by myself.

Yellow laphing, one of the great mysteries of Tibetan food. I had finally learned how to make it by watching a professional as she explained it step by step. This would be my first time making it. I was sure of my success.

Now, after having spent my morning washing yellow goop down the drain, I must admit my failure.

And now to try again...


  1. What happened? Success in this endeavour requires one to identify failure areas, and consider how to correct for them.

  2. That will be explained in the upcoming photo guide, to be posted in a few minutes.